Welcome to Access Educational Services

A Place Where Urban Learners Are Accelerated in Reading & Learning Competence.
Educational Service Providers for School Improvement, Reading & Literacy Development for Focus and Priority Schools.

A Minority owned and operated firm.


Access Educational Services' goal is simple: 

To rescue urban learners and assist urban educators in developing high achieving students despite challenging obstacles.

Access Educational Services provides effective and practical research-based solutions for reading and learning challenges within urban secondary schools. We facilitate the learning of educators and students alike using cognitive instructional strategies and infusing reading to learn and writing to learn strategies in all learning sessions. 

Access Educational Services' specialties include Reciprocal Teaching, Paragraph and Sentence Development, Special Education Compliance, Self-Directed Study Skills, and School Transformation and Turnaround that includes the following elements: team building, learning organizations, school climates that optimize learning, data-driven decision making, Response to Interventions (RTI) customized to each school's needs, cognitive instructional strategies to accelerate learning, and behavioral management. 

Access Educational Services develops customized programming for urban students of color that keys off a culturally rich strengths-based approach to literacy development and self-sufficiency as learners.



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