Our Philosophy: 

Learning is a natural process; when learners are not advancing, they require alternate approaches that match up with their personal learning prerequisites. Our approach is rooted in the research from How People Learn, cognitive science, learning theory, and reading development research findings.

Access Can Help Your School Learn How To Accelerate Student Achievement! 

Our approach is validated by learning science and research from the domains of cognitive science, learning theory, and reading and writing research. Access is an approved external provider authorized by the Michigan Department of Education to provide reading acceleration and learning services to Tier 1 and 2 schools. We have met the rigorous standards set by the state and want to share our approach with you and your staff.

Access Can Help Transform Your Student Results

Customized Response to Intervention (RTI) structures; Data-based school improvement decision-making; Cognitive instructional strategies for 3-12 students & Balanced Literacy Programs for K-2 students; Progressive Behavioral Management; Targeted professional staff development, and Customized programs for resistant learners and special needs students.

Access and Accelerated Learning Processes

What is the Access Approach to School Transformation & School Turnaround?

ACCESS offers school transformation services for Priority Schools and Focus schools in Michigan that provides them with human support and cognitive coaching as well as leadership and instructional development for school teams. We assist schools in developing sustainable data-driven school improvement processes. Our 4 Phase process is research-based and venerable and includes 4 Phases that develop school staff in specific areas of school development. These include

Phase 1: the Assessment and Preparation for Learning;
Phase 2, Development of the School Leadership Team;
Phase 3: Development of School-wide and Community Support for Achievement; and ​
Phase 4: Expansion of School’s Curriculum & Sustainability

These four phases are unfolded to school personnel in the form of graduate-level seminars in which educators read, review, construct meaning about and then use their collective knowledge to shape their school into an organization that is data-driven and self-sustaining. Specifically, we offer instructional modules within each of the four phases that includes human facilitation of learning as well as documents, learning materials, and train the trainer units to promote sustainability.

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