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Our Staff

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William Carter

Chief Executive Officer

William Carter, M.Ed. is the CEO. He brings specialized experience in parental development, student study teams, self-directed study skills, and Reciprocal Teaching strategies

Dr. Carolyn Carter

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Carolyn Carter is the Chief Academic Officer and learning specialist. Dr. Carter is published in the area of Reciprocal Teaching in state, national and international manuscripts

Katie Murph

Educational Specialist - National Trainer

Elementary Literacy, School Administration, English language learners, Reciprocal Teaching


Barbara Rivers

Educational Specialist - National Trainer

Special Education Compliance, Classroom Management, Common Core State Standards, Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching, Cognitive Instructional Strategies

Donald Joseph

Masters of Social Work

School social worker with specialities in urban male development, programming for homeless students and parents.

Wanda Huguley

Masters of Art - 

Guidance and Counseling

Counseling programs

Linda Douthard

Office Manager

Mark Loken

​Masters of Art - 

Science and Mathematics Specialist

Graduate degrees in physics and biology. National trainer and facilitator of science boot camps for teachers.

Other Staff:


Metima Kirkland

MS, education.

Provides expert coaching and best practice instruction  for secondary social studies teachers.


Muriel Smith

Ed. S.

Provides coaching and best practice instruction in special education. A compliance expert